Summertime family portraits

Even the often grey British summertime presents plenty of opportunity for fabulous family photo shoots. Here’s one little 15 month old baby exploring the ground of Bristol’s Ashton Court Mansion. While I’m pretty busy with family shoots on weekends there may still be some suitable slots available so do get in touch if you would […]

Halloween and Christmas with Voodoo Queen Tuesday Laveau

Due to a flurry of commercial and PR freelance shoots in recent weeks there hasn’t been much time for blogging but while archiving some images I thought a couple of a local burlesque star should be brought to your attention. I’ve worked with burlesque and gogo performer Tuesday Lavaeu on numerous occasions over the past […]

Hokey burlesque fun with Tuesday Laveau

Here are a few images of burlesque star, Tuesday Laveau. Taking trailer park kitsch and Anna Nicole Smith as our sylistic inspiration, this is what we created. Find out more about Tuesday and her performances at Musician? Dancer? Performer? For tailor-made promo packages, get in touch today.

Sun-kissed retro fashion shoot with Jess

Here are some more images of actress and model Jessica Elizabeth Swanson for you to enjoy. Here we were looking to create a sun-kissed, retro pinup fashion vibe. Hair was by Doug Hobbs at Hobbs Hairdressing, Bristol, and we used the garden at the back of his salon for much of the shoot. A brightly-painted […]