Have you seen my makeover and boudoir site?

I now have a website that focusses on my work with women, from fashion model books through to the vintage and pinup work for which I’m well known, and beauty boudoir photography. Titled ‘beautyandboudoir.com‘ the site publicises my tailor-made makeover shoots in a variety of styles. You can also view more of my work in […]

New Photography Studio in Bristol city centre

In early December, I moved into a fantastic photographic studio right in the heart of Bristol. Sharing with one other photographer, the studio is large enough for a wide range of portrait and light commercial photography and I have already received several clients who love the location and space. There are multiple professional Bowens studio […]

Using the Bowens Luminair Octobank 140

One of the big questions I get more often than any as a freelance photographer, particularly from the guys, is what gear I use. There are millions of photographic accessories out there to shape and manipulate light but I tend to prefer simple quality over finickiness. When I invest in a new piece of gear […]

Cave Girl pinup shoot with Marianne Cheesecake

London-based Canadian burlesque star Marianne Cheescake has been dazzling international audiences with her fun-packed routines and it was my great pleasure to shoot with her when she was in Bristol. We’d been in touch via email discussing two different ideas and made use of Pinterest to organise our thoughts visually. The first act Marianne had […]

Online broadcasting with London Boudoir

Recently I was fortunate enough to take part in a live internet broadcast with fabulous Italian photographers Carlo Nicora and Fabiana Zonca, who work under the brand London Boudoir and, for commercial work, The Round Peg. The broadcast took place at the couple’s smart home-come-photographic studio in South London. Some early drama meant a make-up […]

Framing photographs beautifully

Beautifully framed photographic portraits can look incredible, taking pride of place in the a home and becoming a great talking point when guests come to visit. As a portrait photographer, I love to see my images well displayed. While I do do ‘digital only’ packages (there’s a real demand for it these days) I love […]