Living-room studio pin-ups with Ally katte

I completed a shoot with up-and-coming Bristol Burlesque artist Ally Katte recently. The idea was to create some vaguely Alberto Vargas-like pin-up images. While the living room in my rented flat is larger than many a crummy buy-to-let shoebox, it’s still not an ideal space in which to work but with some canny lighting arrangements […]

Extreme weather off-camera flash with The Great Admirers

Sometimes you set up a photo gig and events conspire to make things tricky. Things get late so your option to use the fading evening light goes, there’s freezing temperatures, there’s wind. Still, with basic off-camera flash techniques you can still pull off a reasonable, worth-having result. Here’s a shot of Bristol folk-pop exponents taken […]

Joe Demb Flip-it bounce tool review

Some of the products that have the most transformative effects on your photography are the simplest. One such item is the Joe Demb Flip-it, which, with care, can deliver impressive results when more elaborate lighting set-ups are not possible. The flip-it essentially enables the photographer to create sophisticated ‘three light source’ images even when using […]