Singer-songwriter Ellie Larke: Location live music in Greenbank, Bristol

Female singer-songwriters have been heard frequently in recent years, encompassing everything from folk and underground rock to big-selling pop superstars. I’ve been a fan of the style since raiding my Mum’s Joan Baez LPs as a child and later discovered contemporary voices like Dar Williams. So I’m often fervent in separating the wheat from the chaff, distinctive from by-numbers ordinary.

Singer Ellie Larke, after a garden party gig
Singer Ellie Larke, after a garden party gig

Welsh singer-songwriter Ellie Larke is definitely wheat, combining intriguing lyrics with guitar accompaniment and a keen sense for when to keep things simple. It’s a unique sound evoking folk and acoustic rock with jazzier, soul-infused vibes. Her debut EP, Tiredly in Love was released in 2014 and can be purchased from iTunes. She’s currently finalising new work for her first album while gigging around Bristol and beyond.

I was fortunate to work with her on a little video project where I could hear some all-new material up close and learn about the musician’s creative process. Here’s the first YouTube video from the sessions:

Shot in a back garden in Greenbank, Bristol, we captured both a new new song but also various ambient background sounds, a kind of live-music field recording. The set-up was simple – natural light, a DLSR and a Zoom digital recorder.

You can like Ellie Larke on Facebook here, follow her on Twitter, and hear more music over on Soundcloud.

Update: Here’s Ellie’s new song, Fireflies.