Have you seen my makeover and boudoir site?

I now have a website that focusses on my work with women, from fashion model books through to the vintage and pinup work for which I’m well known, and beauty boudoir photography.

Titled ‘beautyandboudoir.com‘ the site publicises my tailor-made makeover shoots in a variety of styles. You can also view more of my work in fashion and with pin-up and burlesque models.

beautyandboudoir.com is now up and running.
beautyandboudoir.com is now up and running.

Over time, hammondsphotography.com will become more focussed on my freelance commercial work for PR agencies, business and magazines while my photography work directed at consumers will have their own websites. This way it will be easier to direct the right messages at the right clients.

Why not go and visit the new site right now?